About Us

Shihlien Fine Chemicals (SFC) produces electronic-grade specialty gases/silicon precursors that are critical materials for semiconductors, flat panel display and PV manufacturing. Founded in October 2009, SFC offers silane (SiH4), as well as monochlorosilane (MCS), dichlorosilane (DCS), and disilane (DS). Most of major semiconductor and panel manufacturing companies in Taiwan are our clients. We are also exporting products to China, Southeast Asia, and Europe markets.
SFC is the only integrated supplier in Taiwan with production, on-site filling and analysis capabilities. With a one-stop-shop service, we can respond immediately to the needs of local customers in Taiwan.

The technology SFC employs are originally from a world-leading company, which specializes in design and construction of transfer systems for chemical industry. SFC has refined the original technology in production process and owns in-house critical manufacturing technique and patents.